My name is Trent. I am a 17 year old cartoonist, musician, and all-around practitioner of fuckery. I've had a strong internet presence ever since a young age, and I waste a hell of a lot of time staring at the web. In the summer of 2018 I discovered Neocities, and I thought it would be a great way to turn this wasted time into something productive. I decided to make a website that would act as a portal to my various internet antics. With the help of HTML tutorials, a couple of late nights, and just a sprinkle of outright code theft (I'm a bona fide cybercriminal!), the site you see today was born. I've been slowly but surely adding pages and features in hopes that someday my site will seem like it has a reason to exist.

If you have feedback about the site, please stop by Stogie's Corner or email me at site@voodu.xyz. Thanks for visiting!