Gruel Hills is a town in the state of Wackyland, USA. You may not have been there (or even heard of it), but it exists nonetheless. You may even be living there right now. It is a town rife with crime, pollution, poverty, and bored constituents looking for something to occupy their time. That's where the Gruel Hills Association of Performers and Entertainers comes in. It is a stage troupe composed of numerous Gruel Hills citizens who have various talents. It was put together by Sneercat, a strange cartoon feline who has cursed the world with his presence on 3 musical releases in the past 3 years. His mission is to bring a knock-your-cocks-off experience to the community in the form of a stage show organized and performed in his hometown. The show is called the Gruel Hills Variety Hour and will be ready for the stage very soon. A live recording of the show will be released after it is performed, and will feature music composed by KILLERGUATE and performed by the Gruel Hills Digital Orchestra. The show will feature brand new compositions as well as stage routines performed by members of the G.H.A.P.E.