My name is Stogie the Klown. I’m a full time webmaster/guest relations attendant at VOODU.XYZ, a website with no discernable purpose or valuable content. My job is to update the site with new information regarding the "artistic byproducts" of the strange being known as VOODU, as well as answer emails with comments, questions, and concerns directed towards the site. Since its inception in 2018, I’ve received maybe two or three emails in total - needless to say, I was coasting along just fine, chuffing down fat stogies, chronically browsing eBay, and GETTING PAID FOR IT. Unfortunately, VOODU eventually noticed that it’d been hemorrhaging money by keeping me on the payroll throughout years of inactivity. It demanded that I produce some kind of content to "pull my weight". I’m a bit disappointed that I have to WORK for my wage now, but I figured since I’ve been given free reign, I’d choose a topic that was near and dear to my heart.

I've decided to dedicate a corner of this site to my personal collection of home media. I have an extensive collection of VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, vinyl records, CDs, and comic books that I will be sharing bits and pieces of with you! This page will be home to pictures and retrospectives of media from the land before streaming!

To view a collection, click the name of the collection you want to see. To view an image of a specific item in higher resolution, simply click the image. The database is updated with more objects frequently, so check back soon!

A Million Laffs,