This is a beautiful 2-CD reissue of Uncle Meat brought to you by the fine folks at Rykodisc. The album is a selection of songs and recordings "...from the Mother's movie of the same name which we haven't got enough money to finish yet". It comes with a beautiful fold-out insert with a blown-up version of the cover image on one side and a reproduction of the original LP's gatefold on the other. Like other Rykodisc Zappa releases, it comes with "The Complete Frank Zappa Catalog" which demonstrates all available Rykodisc reissues of Zappa's music at the time. It also includes a booklet replicating the insert that came with the original LP. CD reissues of the album include audio excerpts from the Uncle Meat film, which was in production from the late 60's into the 80's.
My copy came with an insert inviting me to recieve useless propaganda from BIG B's. Those who know me know that I would jump at the chance to be a recipient of useless propaganda, but the satisfaction I get from preserving third party ephemera overrides the barbaric urge to fill it out and mail it away.