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Welcome to my synthesizer page! This page will catalogue my synth related music production gear. The list isn't complete yet, but it's growing! I plan to write a short review for each item going over their respective specifications, strengths, and weaknesses. Check back soon to see what's changed!

Yamaha SHS-200 Digital FM Keyboard - "Sholky II"

A midi capable FM-Synth keytar with 49 mini keys and 49 built-in patches and rhythms.

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Yamaha KX88 Midi Controller

An 88 key midi controller with programmable sliders, wheels, and buttons.

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Yamaha FB-01 FM Sound Generator

A multitimbral 4-operator FM sound module with 2 custom patch banks and 5 built-in patch banks.

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Yamaha TG100 Tone Generator

A 12-bit sample based general midi tone generator. Features 28 key polyphony, 256 sound presets, and Clavinova compatibility.

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Peavey SP Sample Playback Synthesizer

A "sample playback synthesizer" with 2 MB expandable internal memory, SCSI drive/floppy disk support, and comprehensive tone parameters.

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Yamaha RX21 Digital Rhythm Programmer

An entry level drum machine with 44 preset patterns as well as pattern recording capabilities.

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