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The purpose of this service is to help people achieve an authentic VHS visual effect without the use of plugins or software solutions.

The videoheads here at VOODU.XYZ believe that even the highest end modern-day solutions can't achieve a realistic VHS effect. Videomakers who don't have access to a VCR or capture equipment are left futzing with expensive software and plugins to chase that analog look and feel. There's got to be a better way...

We're excited to bring you a solution to this problem! First of all, try to scrounge up...


(videos over 5 minutes in length will be charged $1.00 for each additional minute)

...after you get the dough, email...


...with your video attached and a description of JUST HOW DIRTY you want the tape effect to look...


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Medium Quality


Low Quality

You will recieve a PayPal invoice based on your request. Once the invoice is paid, THE MAGIC BEGINS!

In due time you will recieve a response with the processed video attached!